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Peter Pfeiffer

D-90763 Fuerth - Germany

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Services - offers,

Pioneer pragmatics in:


Innovation, design, efficiency, development, testing, implementation, continuous improvement - processes KVP // CIP.

Cross-industry technology and application, new products, projects and implementation.

Constructive friction expertise, creative - paradoxial solutions, service - manual - creation.

Individual surface technique + solutions, interdisciplinary networking, individual materials.

Prototype-, single-, series and system-production + new ways.


Thanks for your confidence.

We thank you all partners of the industry, and  the  sme firms.

Owing to just as the technical scientific combinations, universities, 

Subject - universities, institutes, and working groups.

The construction and engineer's offices and the suppliers.

Our thanks apply for all.



The enterprise AMW - PFEIFFER became after well-known requirements,

for future use and new ways, as well as for the keeping of the know-how completely dissolved.

Over the InterNet plus eBay in salami tactics through amw-innovativ developed differently.

Of the diamond and 0,5 mm drills, up to well 5 tons heavy machines.

As in the bush, in the desert or in the offshore one - selfmade.

We work now in new globalization market - segment.



Creativity means...          

... existing borders blow up !           

      The potential for many requirements...

       Ingeniously simply  -  simply ingenious !


Innovation, existence, progress and future - life on truth.

Truth is constancy.

Where globalization was sleepy - it is gone.

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Equipment Machines Tool - Making
Peter Pfeiffer
Coating techniques and Individual Solutions
D 90763 Fürth







Glowing for global progress...,

with new top - perspectives.

With multi - target strategy....,

against the climatic change.

In all hemispheres.



Quality with creatively progressive technology cross-linking,

Versatility and realization is no coincidence !

Knowledge is not alike can.

Only knowledge and being able in progressive - creative unit furnishes the singularly highest profit.

It belongs to will, responsibility readiness, flexible increased output a.o. ...

In order to make things better not only well, but !


What does this globalization innovation offer?

Innovation as a flexible key and efficiency leverage ...

... for  Industries,  production, technologies and system-integrated innovation-motor,

As an effort, time and resource-conserving sustainably profitable efficiency-solution.

For innovative answers, lean, performance, utility, KVP and sustainability - and against complexity!