For it.... Our ethics - guidelines and our firm philosophy.

On the basis all-side valid quotations and of valuable realizations.


mutual attention as a person and enterprises feel.

 Fairness in handling with one another maintain and privacy ensure.


For this an evaluation of John Ruskin (1819 - 1900),

in global favourable application and as an international standard…


 " It  hardly gives something in this world, which could not make

and somewhat more cheaply sell possibly someone a little worse.

And humans,  who orient themselves only at the price,

these become so the fair booty of such machinations.

 It is to be paid unintelligent too much !

But still more badly too little is to be paid !

If you too much pay lose you something money - that is everything !

If you pay against it lose you too little sometimes everything,

since the bought article cannot fulfill course-meant task to it.





If you accept the lowest requirement,

then you must be received the risk somewhat in addition to add.

And if you do that, then you have also enough money,

in order to pay for something better !


"good deals" are of it excluded !


The way of the technology always runs from the primitive one,

over the complicated to the simple one !

 Not much differently as with humans !


Who speaks too only of money, each creativity kills !

Who speaks last of money, its enterprise kills !


We compile common solutions on confidence basis with our customers.

Requirement and situation of the customer are in the center !


Special solutions, particularly if the beginnings float still as vague conception in the area,

these cannot there "from the bar" be.

" Does not go?, giving width unit not ! "

But… everything humans to devise can is feasible !

 " AS ? ", " WHY ? ",  whether " MEANINGFUL ? ", or " TO WHICH COSTS ? "   Is another aspect !

The fact is to be here likewise considered and:  The memory of a perhaps momentarily somewhat more highly estimated price,

does not continue so for a long time, how the memory of a quality contently not placing !

 We provide for communication and open words, for necessarily flexible organization and discrete other recommendation !

 Our achievement is flexible a trend-setting not everyday Allround mixing - program, and controllable new ways,

or for an export offensive, in addition, for regional creation of value,  value  added and otherwise individual advantages.

 From modern,  " something other " sme.

Our complete training program does not give it global anywhere as a comparably finished career profile.

The entire program gives it in such a manner bundled world-wide from no text book, and can in this form

of no university for collection be tapped only in such a way.

Selfmade flexibly of the Pike up - flexible selfmade remains.

" Visions belong to progressive future organization !

Also " the NEW " comes only in such a way into the world !


We take for this everything on.... ,

 we treat straight-line criticism, how a gift !

 We can do much, but not everything - this knows only nature !

 From the common activities with the customer success always developed as a mutual gift !

Our customers come from all only conceivable ranges !

Together in a spirit of mutual confidence developed and compiled steps have only one direction !


The highest intelligence consists of recognizing the value of the things exactly !

(La Rochefoucauld)


Who recognizes the value of the things in each case for itself, that often did not recognize the material value !

(Peter Pfeiffer)


The InterNet makes this and makes other one possible !


Have need ?,  Do THEY look for special solutions ?


From a industry-spreading view of entireness ?

 With critical or meaningfully necessarily provoking discussions have themselves already unusual realizations,

 values or profit,  in addition,  already shock situations with turns very valuable from this result in.




Small Tipps, with use shortest - competent direct connections into almost any ranges -

 or test - often already very much furnished !

 " From few - MORE make ! ", 

is not strange and demonstrably not new, to us of the Pike on !

 Daily purposeful information as 3. Reality beside subject + spirit, as well as beside capital + work,  

- today more than ever - that are our partners !



If one e.g. 150 a million US $ project with mosquito net started  in the shrubs " from under zero ",

or with 9 - 11 digit US $ billions projects in shrubs,

desert or offshore one for creative special solutions was competent,

and with " very clear plate "   half "t ilting"  projects as Troubleshooter  with limited budget

 and with personnel without " binary training " again highly drew,

- in such a way this results in another working and activating !

 Because this did not have guarantees anything with " KARL MAY " doing !


Creativity does not come evenly with highly gifted one so completely simply free of charge

only to the window in here flown.

It is unfortunately very gladly displaced that economicalally favourable creativity can develop only,

where one dares it with traditional roles in the society and in the sciences to break !

 Creativity wants to be hard compiled !

Also with renouncement.

My disadvantages are my advantages.

Creatively - critical transverse thinking for pulling through is like that.

The more humans understands, without living impartiality,

the more it differentiates to separate prejudices from experience to, the more it with little gets along,  

become the more creative and innovatively its thinking, its behavior, and its achievement.  

You would say from the bar hoar frost:

"I do not point whether I would have survived, the citizens of Berlin wall for me no obstacle would have been."

Were you into my moccasin ?


This is to contribute to your success !

 Because YOUR success is also our success !

The globalization is a gift !

WE stand there !

A short E-Mail is enough for the first contact ....