Innovation is the key for global existence.



Against everything a herb grew !




Whether Supra - leaders, whether nano-technology, MP3, WINDOWS, hydrogen, automobile or sea algae,


all profit from it requires courage, flexibility, responsibility and innovation !


The globalization, making flexible and the division of the work bring waves.  


Waves of the reality, waves ascent, waves eroding and waving fall.  


Paradoxes waves create other one, it create the unusual.  


Where for innovation from paradox the chances are used, there there is waves ascent.


Paradox is success factor !


Paradoxes often offer astonishing simple methods for the solution of problems.


By firmly driven situations and behavior blocked by.


Paradoxes ideas and innovations always obtained the highest creation of value and the best profits !


Simplicity from paradox is the guarantor for new interfaces.


For singular advantages, for new market guidance, for new size and for outstanding profit.


From more efficient, and not limitable innovation.


Regionally and global.


For the north - and for the south - hemisphere.


Like a global key for growth and prosperity from achievement.


A ignition  for a new idea can be the beginning for a singular profit.


For a global new topic both for first and for the third world !


As new global creation of value added - a Joker !


From comprehensively singular savings with high efficiency within the ranges of raw materials,


Energy, production, lastingness and future.


A profit with preservation of resources from the climatic change, and with individual organization.


Against global warming up, and against the climatic change.


A global topic both for first and for the third world !


For change from simplicity.


Of Airbag or from arrow and elbow to space shuttle or to zeppelin.


We make what wanted Ludwig Erhard really.


For it…


- a short way for long profit…


....makes A difference… think big !


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